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Regional Eye Center Isn’t A Typical Dry Eye Clinic

Do you have teary or watery eyes?
Burning, itchiness, or a sandy feeling around your eyelids?

You might have dry eye syndrome.

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What Is Dry Eye Syndrome? (DES)

Did you know that our state of the art surgical center is also the home of our dedicated dry eye center? Dr. Valerie Moates devotes her time treating symptomatic and severe dry eye patients who seek immediate and effective treatments. Unlike typical treatments like eye drops or warm compresses, our dry eye center raises the bar of dry eye care to a whole new level.

It is truly a Dry Eye facility.

Learn About the Most Common Cause of Dry Eye

Dry Eye Disease Demands A Thorough Diagnosis

Dry Eye Disease is commonly referred to as ocular surface disease, which also explains why the majority of eye doctors assess the cornea or ocular surface of the eye to determine how they will treat a case of dry eye. However, the latest eye health research & modern technology indicate that treating dry eye successfully requires additional testing, especially through meibography.

Over 85% of all dry eye cases are because of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), so by monitoring and diagnosing the health of a patient’s meibomian glands, we’re able to identify the ideal treatment plan with incredible accuracy and amazing outcomes.

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Valerie L. Moates, OD

Advanced Dry Eye Treatments, Going Beyond Eye Drops

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) & iLux

As a recognized dry eye expert, national panelist, and leader in dry eye care, Dr. Valerie Moates has been acclaimed as one of the top 3 doctors for treating dry eye through the iLux procedure. Many of our dry eye patients rave about the life changing improvements they receive after their iLux treatments. By directly clearing out blocked meibomian glands and immediately solving our patient’s severe dry eye, the iLux device has become the primary dry eye treatment at our dry eye clinic.

Treating Blepharitis & Eyelid Inflammation

In addition to clearing out the meibomian glands, a common dry eye treatment we utilize called Blephex cleans the eyelids of demodex or blepharitis. Blephex is not only done onsite, totally painless, and performed by Dr. Valerie, but within minutes, many patients can feel the improvement. Treating eyelids of their inflammation through Blephex is often repeated to help maintain clean eyelids.

Restore Damaged Corneas or Ocular Surfaces With Prokera

While some patients may come to us feeling like a lost cause, even patients with damaged corneas due to severe dry eye have found their solution under Dr. Valerie’s care. Through the use of an amniotic membrane called PROKERA®, she’s achieved successful outcomes that heal or repair damaged eye surfaces, and in some cases, protect the eye surface from further harm. After wearing the amniotic membrane for 4-7 days patients can be relieved of inflammation and associated symptoms.


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Start Today To Find Relief From Your Dry Eye

Aside from the treatments above, our dry eye center also utilizes punctal plugs, various medications, and more to develop a personalized program for each patient. Once a patient undergoes our dry eye program, not only will they feel so much better but receive clear direction on how to manage their eye health care to prevent their dry eye from progressing.