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Corneal Pachymetry

Thumbnail lasikA pachometer is a medical device used to measure the thickness of the cornea. As part of our evaluation for glaucoma at Valentine Eye Care, we may use a device called the Sonogage Corneo-Gage Plus™ to obtain a painless computerized measurement of the thickness of the cornea.

In combination with other testing, corneal pachymetry can help us determine whether or not you have glaucoma as the accuracy of eye pressure measurements can be influenced by corneal thickness. Pachymetry also has a number of other uses in comprehensive optometric care.

It can be used in the screening of keratoconus, a progressive corneal condition and is extremely important in determining whether laser eye surgery such as LASIK is suitable for a patient. Pachymetry allows us to determine if a patient has enough corneal tissue to safely have laser surgery.

Measuring corneal thickness with ultrasound is quick and easy. A numbing drop is placed in both eyes. A pen-sized probe is then used to briefly touch the surface of each eye.

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