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Crystalens, the First Accommodating Intra-Ocular Lens


February 11, 2014

Regional Eye Center Introduces Bausch & Lomb’s Crystalens® to Southwest Georgia

Crystalens is the First Accommodating Intra-Ocular Lens

AMERICUS, GEORGIA. — A cataract is a clouding of the normal clear lens in the eye causing a diminishment of sight. When a cataract has to be removed the natural lens in the eye is replaced by an crystalens logointraocular lens (IOL).

Today, surgery remains the only remedy for cataracts. Virtually all cataract procedures today replace a patient’s natural lens with an intraocular lens. Cataract removal with IOL implants has greatly evolved requiring small incisions and no sutures.

In the past, cataract patients would require glasses for near work, such as reading or computer work. Regional Eye Center in Americus, Georgia is one of the first eye care centers in Southwest Georgia to use Bausch & Lombs’s Crystalens® AO, the first accomodating intraocular lens (IOL) for their cataract patients.

These accomodating lenses allow patients to have vision at near and intermediate ranges, as well as distance vision. The result is a greatly decreased dependency on reading glasses. Many Crystalens patients hardly, if ever, need their glasses after surgery. The intraocular lens is designed to help improve the patient’s full range of vision.

“We were impressed with the clinical findings from patients using the Crystalens AO,” reported Dr. Chanh Tu, MD who performs the cataract procedures for Regional Eye Center. “We believe this will provide superior surgical outcomes in the form of better vision for our patients. This, coupled with the unique aftercare we are able to provide as a coordinated ophthalmology and optometry practice, means better sight for our patients faster.”

“This is a real win for our many cataract patients,” stated Dr. Kenneth Moates, OD of Regional Eye Center. “Like so many innovative procedures designed to improve our patients’ sight, our center is proud to bring this new technology to Southwest Georgia.”