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Daily Disposables – Torics and Multi-Focal are Also Available

There are numerous advantages to daily disposable contact lenses:

  • Fewer deposits with changing to a fresh lens daily often results in better comfort and vision.
  • Excellent choice for non-compliant patients including children and teens.
  • No solution costs.
  • No routine maintenance makes wearing the contacts very convenient.
  • Ideal choice for patients with allergies.
  • Ideal for occasional wearers.
  • Better hygiene with a new, fresh contact lenses daily potentially lowers the risk of infections.


Although the initial cost of daily disposables is higher, the average yearly costs are able the same since there are no solution costs. With a eye exam by our eye doctors, we can find the perfect pair or daily lenses just for you. Also, most of the daily contact manufacturers offer significant rebates on yearly supplies that further reduce the cost.

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