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Sunglass Q&As

Dr. Greene Answers Patient Questions about Sunglasses and Sun Protection

What are the best types of sunglasses?

Dr. Greene: Sunglasses that incorporate UV protection and polarization are the most beneficial type of sunglass lens but picking a frame that fits your style is important too

How do polarized sunglasses work?

Dr. Greene: Polarized lenses block some of the light that causes glare from surfaces such as water while allowing for other light that has less glare to pass through the lens giving a much better image quality

What are the other benefits of polarized sunglasses?

Dr. Greene: Polarized sunglasses are great for outdoor sports. Activities such as fishing and boating can be enhanced a great deal with polarized lenses

How do I know if my polarized sunglasses are high quality?

Dr. Greene: It is hard to tell by just looking at the lenses. Consulting the staff at the eye clinic on the brand and its quality is the best way to make sure you sunglasses are going to give you the results you want.

When is the best time to purchase polarized sunglasses?

Dr. Greene: Polarization and sunglasses in general are beneficial at all times of the year, not just spring and summer!

If I don’t like to wear sunglasses what can happen to my eyes?

Dr. Greene: UV damage from the sun can lead to early onset cataracts and potentially damage to the very sensitive retina in the back of the eye.

What is the average age for needing cataract surgery?

Dr. Greene: Most people begin to develop cataracts in their 50s but surgery is not common until the patient reaches their late 60s or early 70s

What can a person do to protect herself from sun exposure?

Dr. Greene: Sunglasses, hats, Sunscreen

What exactly are “ultraviolet rays?”

Dr. Greene: UV Rays are light rays that are not visible to the naked eye but have a wavelength that can cause damage at the cellular level

How can people protect themselves from the sun’s UV rays?

Dr. Greene: Avoid tanning bets, apply sunscreen often wear hats and sunglasses habitually when outside

What type of sunglasses best protect from UV rays?

Dr. Greene: Most sunglasses especially the once purchased at optical centers have UV protection. The staff at our clinic can confirm UV protection in any sunglasses

I’ve heard of getting my skin sunburned, but can your eyes also get sunburned?

Dr. Greene: Not in the same way, but your eyes can suffer damage from sun exposure especially over the course of a lifetime

Do darker sunglasses mean better sun protection?

Dr. Greene: Not necessarily, the blocking of light within the UV spectrum is the most important for protection this can be achieved without making the lenses realy dark

Does having a prescription make it harder to get the right sunglasses?

Dr. Greene: No, there are some limitations for very unusual prescriptions, but with advances in lens technology, it is very easy to get sunglasses in your personalized prescription. Progressives and bifocals are even available!