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Why Buy Contacts from an Optometrist?

attractive blond putting in contact lensThere are no contact lenses with a one-size-fits-all label. For the lasting, quality health of your eyes, you need a licensed eye care specialist to prescribe contact lenses. Our optometrist will perform a thorough contact lens eye exam and fitting to determine which type of lenses are ideal for you.

Once you have your precise vision prescription for contact lenses, you may be tempted to shop online. Before you start to search and click – it’s smart to be aware of all the benefits you gain by purchasing contacts from an optical store, and all the risks associated with buying contacts online.

Risks of Purchasing Contact Lenses Online

  • Are you sure you’re dealing with a licensed eye care supplier? If not, there’s no guarantee that you won’t receive a counterfeit product labelled falsely as a premium brand.
  • Beware of the store’s attempt to replace your familiar brand of contact lenses with a substitute. Contact lenses are made from different materials and with varying water contents, and a qualified eye care practitioner should be consulted before switching brands or types.
  • Contact lenses must be stored properly. Their safety and durability is compromised if they are not protected well from extreme temperatures. With online stores, you have no way of knowing the storage conditions of their inventory.
  • Contact lenses are often recalled due to safety concerns. When you buy on the internet, you may receive a recalled product – and you’ll have no optometrist to verify its safety.
  • Even well-fitting contact lenses can damage your eyes. It’s important to be under the regular care of a professional eye doctor when you wear contacts.
  • Sometimes a change in the type or fit of contact lenses is necessary, and you need an optometrist to assess how the contact lenses rest on your eye. In addition to irritated eyes and poor vision, an improper fit can lead to dizziness and headaches.

Benefit from Follow-Up Care for Contact Lenses

When you purchase contact lenses, you receive much more than a pair of lenses! Before you take your new lenses home, we will instruct you on proper insertion, handling and sterilization. If you need to adapt to any vision changes due to wearing contacts, our eye doctors will provide tips to ease the transition until you get used to seeing with your contacts. This is a service that you will receive at each of our three locations.

After you’ve worn your contact lenses for a month or so, we encourage patients to return for check-ups. We’ll assess the condition of the lenses and the health of your eyes, as well as evaluate your visual acuity to make sure you have optimal vision. None of these services are included when you purchase your lenses online!

When your box of contacts is running low, there’s no need to wonder “where is there an eye doctor near me?” With locations in Americus, Montezuma and Leesburg, GA our trusted eye doctor and full-service optometry clinic is located conveniently. We make it easy for you to replenish your supply of contact lenses – with full confidence that you’re receiving first-rate products and excellent eye care.

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